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Jeffery Dean,Hugh Jackman & More Rally Around Bullied 9 Year Old Boy

Bullied 9 Year Old Boy

Two Stars of Marvel Movies Hugh, and Jeffery, Jon, respectively
with the other celebrities who Supported the bullied boy to Disneyland in This week, Queensland Native, Yarraka Posted a Live on Facebook of her son who is only 9year old Quaden, he was born with achondroplasia dwarfism and is sobbing in the video after he was bullied of his height at his school, this video has gone viral all over the world with 20 million views, 
his mother Yarraka, she is the one who created Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism, Group, she expresses outrage because of her son always getting bullied at his school from other kids, and her son always talking about hurting himself the video is nearly 7 minute and all what he is saying that he wants to hurt himself because he can't go to school anymore because of other kids who bullied at him constantly, and his mother Yarraka admission that her son has tried to suicide before and she said in the video

" that what bullying does, educate your children"
after this video went viral the kid has received thousands of supportive messages and other celebrities trying to Communicate with him,

"GofundMe" campaign raised over 300k is fueled by droves of people appalled by the cruelty of bullying" and the Celebrities trying to talk to him and say that he is not alone such as Hugh Jackman, And Jeffrey dean morgan, Bernthal, and other people they posted videos around Facebook and Twitter to support him after this video was heartbreaking

And those are not the only Celebrities who responded to his video there is a lot of Celebrities Offered their help to his mother and Dean Morgan said to his mother do DM him and he will meet them, and Star Wars, Quaden has offered to lead the team in the game Saturday night on the Gold Coast,

his mother Said that Quaden always wanted to be a professional rugby player, but he knows that this will never happen, actions of the NRL and other Celebrities like Dean and Hugh, as the outpouring of support from all people around the world may help to alleviate Quaden’s feeling of alienation,

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