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The Flash - Sets Up Diggle Returning In The Arrowverse Superman Show

A guest appearance on The Flash continues to line up John Diggle (David Ramsay) moving to The CW's upcoming Arrowverse show, Superman & Lois. and Arrow series finale gives us Green Lantern tease for John Diggle and revealed that his post-Arrow future involves a transfer to Metropolis.

Within The Flash season 6 midseason premiere, titled "Marathon", Diggle Surprise The Team In S.T.A.R. Labs to offer Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) a present from Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Diggle returns to Barry Alien the Green Arrow mask that the Flash made it originally to Oliver back in Arrow season 2. Barry spends most of the episode hooked into trying to know the meaning of the gift, believing it to be a clue to a replacement mission. After a fruitless journey to Lian Yu and an extended talk with Diggle, Barry understands that the mask was only a gift from Oliver.

It would seem that the idea of Diggle's guest appearance meant to provide a link to Oliver and help Barry advance, but the episode may have also served a totally different direction. Diggle mentions for the second time in a fortnight that he and his family are moving to Metropolis. The Arrowverse seems bent reminding viewers of where Diggle is going to be now that Arrow is over, but why? Establishing that Diggle is going to be based in Metropolis easily sets up for a guest, recurring, or maybe a series regular role in Superman & Lois, which can naturally be set in Metropolis.


Unlike Green Arrow and therefore the Canaries, Superman & Lois has already been picked up to series. And because of the beginning of Earth-Prime in The Crisis "Crisis on Infinite Earths", Superman now survives beside all the different Arrowverse heroes, making it so easy for shows like Supergirl, Superman & Lois, and Black Lightning to include characters from Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. As Superman & Lois makes its cast, they can use one or two from the previous show, and who will be better for it than someone whose show has finished?

Diggle perhaps a favorite Arrowverse character who was nearby for eight seasons of Arrow, and albeit Arrow is over and Oliver's story has ended, that does not the mean Arrowverse has got to be through with all of its supporting characters. Superman & Lois can open new roads for Diggle by bringing him deeper into a less-grounded world crammed with alien threats and super-powered adversaries. These are things that Diggle has always been uncomfortable with, so seeing Diggle on a show like Superman & Lois might be interesting to ascertain. Of course, it might be even better if Superman & Lois gets an opportunity to explore the Arrow series finale's Green Lantern twist, but whether or not which will happen remains up within the air. Either way, it's promising that both Arrow and therefore the Flash is suggesting that the Arrowverse isn't through with John Diggle.

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