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Doctor Who Theory: Season 12 Master Is From The Eleventh Doctor's Era

Could the season 12 incarnation of the Master be a past version of the long-lasting Who villain? Doctor Who season 12 started with the revelation that Sacha Dhawan's new character, initially was to a member of MI6 named "O," was the Master in disguise. Such a big plot twist seems to possess been necessary for the show — season 12 is already reeling in lower ratings than the season that preceded it. Bringing Dhawan into the fold was a ballsy move for Chris Chibnall, whose stories so far have (for the foremost part) steered beyond revisiting more common Who villains just like the Cybermen and therefore the Weeping Angels, and have instead opted for creating new, original foes for the Doctor to confront.

However, for whatever reason, Chibnall seems to be shifting gears for season 12 and welcoming a return to make — the Daleks made their return within the season 11 finale, and The future villains slated to return include the Judoon, Racnoss, and yes, the Cybermen. additionally, to all or any of these classic foes, the large takeaway from the season-opening two-parter was the return of the Master.

The incarnation of the manic time lord featured in season 12 is played by Sacha Dhawan, making him the primary actor of color to play the Master, which marked a milestone of its own — something Chibnall is not any stranger to, given his decision to cast Jodie Whittaker because of the first female Doctor. With the set for an explosive season twelve, there'll be quite little bit of explaining to try to to to straighten out the recent confusion surrounding the show's time-travel rules. the opposite two might not be so easily explained, but one possibility for a way the Master returned would have audiences revisiting a friendly face from the past.

Doctor Who Season 12'S Master might be From The 11th Doctor's Era

Although Sacha Dhawan's portrayal as the new Master has been met so far with mostly praise, some fans did question a particular aspect of the character's return: that it negates the send-off that Michelle Gomez's incarnation of the Master received within the season 10 finale. After doing battle with a former version of herself, Michelle Gomez's as The Master in Season 10 (known as Missy) heroically sacrifices herself to save lots of the Doctor and The other version shot her with full charge weapon that blocks her regenerating. Although it had been a tragic end, it drew the Master's arc full circle — they were finally ready to be asleep with themselves and resolve tensions with the Doctor. Fans were sad to ascertain her go, but it felt sort of a fitting end for a beloved character.

Flash forward two seasons, nevertheless, and quickly the Master is back, and he hates the Doctor over again. For fans who remembered the Master as (Missy) sacrificing herself, the unexpected re-appearance of the character seems like a Shock because the episode seems to possess undone the story told in season 10. However, this is often Doctor Who, so nothing should be taken at face value — there's always an enormous possibility that a big reveal is tied to some "wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff". within the case of the Master, some fans have begun to take a position that the version that the Doctor and her companions meet in "Spyfall" isn't a replacement regeneration, 

If the Dhawan Master were to be a Master that came before Missy's regeneration, it might explain his hatred for the Doctor, since the 2 wouldn't have resolved their issues at that time in his timeline. The Doctor meeting up with a version of the Master that has yet to satisfy her would be like the Doctor's first meeting with River Song — another aspect of the Russel T. Davies era of Who that Chibnall appears to be following more this season.
However, 11 Doctor Have Never Faced The Master In any TimeLine
One key aspect of this theory hinges on where this current version of the Master comes from within the Doctor's timeline, and although there haven't been many clues so far, one significant possibility is that he's the version of the Master that existed at an equivalent time because of the eleventh doctor. The Master was one among the few classic Who villains completely away from Matt Smith's tenure because the Doctor, but that does not mean that the Master wasn't nearby at the time. Timeline details are always a touch fuzzy, but it currently seems as if the Dhawan version of the Master comes after the Simm version but before Gomez, placing him squarely within the eleventh doctor's territory.

Where Doctor Who's New Master's Story Could Go

As far as where the Master's story will go from here, there's little or no indication of where he'll appear next. Sacha Dhawan is confirmed to be appearing in a minimum of four episodes, meaning that he'll appear twice more this season. He was last seen being locked away within the light beings' dimension by the Doctor at the top of "Spyfall: Part 2" — the type of open-ended resolution that keeps him temporarily addressed while still conveniently ready to escape when the time comes for him to bully-off against Team TARDIS again. because it stands, he seems to possess many loose ends with the Doctor — and given what proportion chemistry the 2 had during their scenes together within the season opener, he'll settle with the Doctor again before the season is thru.

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